The Joys of Luxury Home Construction in Santa Fe, NM

February 1, 2013

Although you can have a custom luxury home built anywhere, there’s something truly magical about starting a new home construction project in a region like Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Not only does the Southwest offer an abundance of pristine land and wide open vistas, but the interplay between tradition and modernity allows for a range of architectural styles that are difficult to successfully duplicate elsewhere in the country.

Most striking among these differences is the building material that has come to define Southwest luxury home construction. Pioneered several thousand years ago by the Pueblo tribes of pre-Columbian America, adobe-style bricks have evolved from a relatively utilitarian material born out of pure necessity into a highly coveted building material cherished for its environmental impact, structural endurance, and cost effectiveness.

When successfully fused with passive solar design and green building principles, custom luxury homes throughout New Mexico also reap the benefits of increased energy savings. This is particularly important in a region known for dramatic temperature extremes throughout the year. Santa Fe house building plans that make optimal use of pueblo architecture are renown for their ability to trap warm air during winter months and cooler air during blistering New Mexico summers.

Energy savings is an obvious benefit for many prospective luxury homeowners throughout Santa Fe. But the biggest draw typically boils down to aesthetics. The seamless marriage between sky and earth has helped adobe-style architecture establish a permanent niche within Southwestern luxury home construction.

With muted earth tones of orange, tan, and terracotta set against a backdrop of open blue skies and purple glaciered mountain ranges, even the most modest of luxury homes can assume regal stature when successfully blended with the landscape’s natural beauty.

However, to reap the full benefits of cost, aesthetics, and durability, be sure to contract custom luxury home builders well versed in Santa Fe’s unique architectural style. Working with licensed and experienced professionals is important whether you are interested in retrofitting your current home with luxury customizations or planning a new house construction project from the ground up.

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